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Your Best Life Insurance Coverage
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No-Exam-Term-Life-Insurance copyNo Exam Life Insurance – In Force to Age 100!

If your past health history allows you to answer NO, to 8 questions, you can qualify for a No Exam Life Insurance Plan. Face Amounts of up to $150,000. This plan is essentially permanent insurance and will cover you to age 100.

Need Higher Coverage Amounts?

No Exam Term Life Insurance – Up to $400K – 10,20,30-year Terms!

No Exam Term Life Insurnace Information

Term-Life-Insurance-Plans copyTerm Life Insurance with Living Benefits Included.

No Blood Draw or Urine Sample Needed!

Our Term Life Insurance Plan offers:

  • Simplified Underwriting!
  • NO Blood Draw and NO Urine Sample!
  • Living Benefits!

Up to $1,000,000 of coverage!

Designed to last a pre-determined time with a “20-year term life insurance policy” as the most common length.

Other Uses

Term Life insurance for Business. more information
International Term Life Insurance – US Citizens Living abroad. more information

Fully underwritten plans will offer you the best rate.

Term Life Insurance Information

Senior-Life-Insurance copyBurial Insurance

Our unique No Exam Life Insurance plan is ideal for Final Expense use! If you can answer NO to 8 health questions and are under the age of 70, you can qualify.

I also offer standard Final Expense Life Insurance plans that can cover those with certain pre-existing conditions and I have carriers that offer plan’s for those up to age 80.

Final Expense Plan Quotes

High-Risk-Health-Life-Insurance copyPre-Existing Health conditions

If you have a pre-existing health condition such a Diabetes, COPD, Height/Weight ratio etc. I have specialized plans that can handle many pre-existing health issues. With the help of our in-house underwriter, we will review your condition and how well it is controlled. From there I will run and present quotes for your review.

Pre Existing Health Conditions

Kemper-guaranteed-lifeGuaranteed Issue Life Insurance

If you have a more severe pre-existing health condition, a Guaranteed Issue plan may be an option. Whole Life policy face amounts of up to $25,000.

A Graded benefits period for the first 24-months. Depending on the carrier, issue ages can be between 40-80

Guaranteed Issue Life

Ready to get Insured?

“The Process”

  1. The first step is for us to speak so we can do a needs analysis and determine the right amount of coverage needed.
  2. Based on your needs and current health status, we run quotes and find the best carrier offering the best rate.
  3. Submit the application and complete any needed exams and/or provide any documents requested by the carrier.
  4. Review and accept the offer from the carrier. Congratulations you are insured!

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